Monday, October 20, 2008


Hello there,

I know I haven't post anything else on this blog but that was mainly because I already had a host and a domain so I used that blog instead of this, oh well... guess what? My domain expired and I couldn't afford the renewal :(

Anyway, this post is not for complaining about stuff hehe... this one is about NetBeans, yes! NetBeans! I remember the first time I saw this beautiful software, I hated it xD haha... that thing was soooo slow and it just was eating all the computer resources, I thought it wasn't worth it.

But guess what? I decided to gave it a chance and when I saw all the time and effort that it was saving me (even thought it was a little bit slow), it was reaaally worth it! :D I used for the very first time on a college project, I was doing a little ERP software with both desktop and web applications working together. I did this for a project that I submitted to a contest, and guess what? I won the second place in the whole college :) Not bad for a "noob" huh?

And that's my history, that's when I knew that I was gonna use NetBeans for a very long time :)

Oh, and of course... happy bday NetBeans! :D

C ya.

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